Week 1 : Dell EMC

Posted on May 27, 2017

This was my first week! Onboarding went well and I’ve successfully completed compliance training. Most of the time I spent reading documentation, which was alright. Documentation is the easiest way to learn acronyms, and learning acronyms is very important for understand the project in my opinion. Although some of the documents were out of date, and some acronyms were never explained, John, the Senior Software Engineer I work with, filled in the blanks.

I’m very happy about this job, I find programming so rewarding, and the environment here is so great. One of my favorite parts is that I don’t have to clock in or out. Running 5 minutes late due to traffic? Don’t feel bad that you are late to work, just stay for an extra 5 minutes to make up the difference. That is a great mentality that the company has for its employees. It may be honor system, but employee’s that aren’t producing enough work are going to be found out.

What I did

Most of this week consisted of settling in, bugging my direct supervisor about getting account access, and reading documentation. Lots and lots of documentation. On Friday though John was out of the office, and I had no pressing tasks to do, so I parsed some test logs and produced an Excel performance analysis, confirming my hypothesis that write and read operations occur linearly.


I did not think to start TIL’s until Week 2. Oh well.


My parents have decided that they want to have weekly dinner with grandparents, which is nice. I went on a Sail boat race with some family friends. It was a great time, we came in 5th place out of about 15 boats or so. Also a high school friend invited me to the gym with him after work, it was a good time, and I learn more on how to use gym equipment. This will prove useful the free gym at Dell :).

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