Week 3 : Dell EMC

Posted on June 10, 2017

This week started to pick up the pace, I got officially assigned User Stories and got to dive deeper in to the code. This is good fun, and makes me feel more a part of the team. Also John told me about the Dell EMC soccer league, so I plan on joining that next week.

Unfortunately I’ve had quite a few issues with the storage arrays and host servers I’ve been using. So some of my time has been spent waiting for support tickets to be resolved. This also means that I am not able to test my code, so that has been a drag. You can probably see my frustration in the TIL’s. By Friday though, most everything was resolved, and I was a happy camper.

I guess I should explain what 6/6/2017’s TIL was talking about. While waiting for support tickets, I wrote a little tool that helps me build, and push the finished product onto a specified server. This speeds up development, because what would normally be done is 2 relatively longer commands can now be done in 1 shorter command.

What I did

I worked on the user stories, and tested my code, even them up for pull request too. These User Stories/AR’s are more in depth and still doable. They are small features that are not pressing, but nice to have. I’ve also been filing a lot of support tickets, the array I am testing on is older, and it has it problems, also I’ve made some mistakes, and had to have them fixed.


Source code can be deceiving, and overlooking a line of code can throw off debugging. You cannot trust every line of code to do everything perfectly. But if you don’t trust any code you will be reading a lot, so it’s better to find a happy balance.

Even though there may be blocking issues there’s always other things to be done. Also the server room is cool. Lots of blinking lights, and whirring fans.

Support tickets can take a while and the person on the other side of the ticket does not care about getting all of the problems fixed, they just want to close the ticket once they complete their task. Which I can see why this happens, but it’s been 2 days since I’ve tested my code.
At the agile meeting I was timid to take on more than 2 US, but I assume I’ll finish and can ask for more. I hope this is better than loading a bunch up.

Day 3, still no testing. The array is working fine now, but finding a suitable host to reserve is tough. Either they aren’t setup for iSCSI or they don’t ping. For the most part, I’ve seen that a larger company comes with larger wait times.
I was assigned a user story that required working on a Perl file, so today I learned Perl =D. It’s not a bad language.

Debugging is tough, especially if you don’t know the whole code base. Simple mistakes compound with complex code. Never give up on a bug though, even it doesn’t like to be replicated easily.


This weekend I went sailing again with the same family friends, they want my family and I to race with them. It was a good practice, and I learned all kinds of terms. Halyard, Outhaul, Spinnaker, Lazy Sheet, etc. It is quite fun, and I’ve been interested in sailing ever since boyscouts. At the summer camp of Yawgoog, they had little row boats that they converted to sail boats, and doing that sparked my interest in them.

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