Week 9 : Dell EMC

Posted on July 21, 2017

Monday: I had the company soccer league after work. Tuesday: The team went out for lunch. It was a good time, and we got to talk about work, and non-work subjects. Wednesday: I took over WayUp’s Snapchat in order to document a day in the life of an intern. Thursday: There was a makeup game after work for the company soccer league. Friday: Undertaking the largest project I’ve worked on yet.

This week has been a bit busy for me, but in my opinion it is better than being bored. I am closing in on my final month as an intern, and I’m evaluating my goals, and achievements here. I’m glad I’ve kept good records.

What I did

This week marked the largest project I have worked on yet. I am in charge of completely rewriting a test, and converting some functions to a new management interface. I’ve had to make a few design choices, and code with small goals to keep everything organized.


Initiative is recognized. I decided to document my experiences during this internship for my own benefit, and hopefully for others too. The work I have done to document and share was recognized during a meeting today. I am now going to officially takeover the WayUp snapchat for the duration of Wednesday. I am quite excited to document the “day in the life” of an intern.

GDB has the ability to set the value of variables during run time. This is pretty useful for debugging, and for replicating complex system states, without hardcoding values.

Today was the day I took over WayUp’s snapchat. During this whirlwind of a day, I asked two other interns for professional networking tips, during an intern social event. I met Luca, a mechanical engineering intern, his tip was to always keep eye contact when talking to others. William was an intern I met on the first day, and my first cubicle was next to his aunt. His tip was to always follow up on connections you make, even if it is just a Linkedin message.

I did not put my own tip on Snapchat, but my advice is to find something in common with any stranger you meet. Most people will have a similar interests as you. The quicker you find a shared talking point the better. A conversation is always more engaging when all participants enjoy the topic of conversation. If you are having trouble finding a common interest, bite the bullet, and ask about something they know about. The worst that can happen is you learn something new.

Setting goals is a good way to get more out of your internship. At lunch I was speaking with my mentor about my internship in general. One of the biggest things I took out of the conversation was to set goals for what I wanted to learn. Afterwards, meet with a team member to discuss how I was doing in my role, and to look over the progress on my goals, and how I could improve.

My biggest goal coming into the internship, was that I wanted to determine what kind of computer scientist I wanted to be. I wanted to learn about what industries interested me, and what I would ultimately do with my degree going forward. I have not answered my question completely, but so far I have absolutely determined that I am glad I did not go into cyber security.

Testing in small increments can sometimes be helpful. Unfortunately I wrote a bunch of code for my user story, and now I have to investigate errors. If I had made changes in the first, I could have had less suspect code during investigation. The extra time taken to do more test would have been worth it too, as running a few small tests is faster than many full scale tests, followed by debugging sessions.


This week hasn’t left much time for personal business, but this coming weekend I will be seeing Postmodern Jukebox, and Straight No Chaser live. I will be going with Kim, and we will stop by the aquarium too. Hopefully it’ll be a good day out in Boston. I’ve also been talking more with some high school friends, and we’ve been playing video games together again. It’s always a fun time.

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